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Prosac Alwaysmile was born in 2013 among the breathtaking views of the Umbria valley, creating bow ties and accessories with vintage and recycled materials.

Our main goal is to create products of the highest quality, giving a second life to materials.

The eco-friendly approach of our project permeates every single aspect: the packaging is made exclusively in 100% recycled cardboard, all the processing phases of our products have zero environmental impact and the research carried out on materials and processing techniques are continuously moving in the direction of recycling and minimal waste.

Thanks to a constant dialogue and a mutual exchange of ideas and skills, we understand the importance of transmitting the passion for the ancient 100% Made in Umbria tailoring tradition in the product.

Free creativity is the main engine of our project and we set no limits on creating unique and innovative handmade products every season.

We are always ready to listen to the needs of our customers by experimenting the creation of customized, fresh and exclusive capsule collection.

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